Saturday, January 30, 2010

Media Search Engine

During my free time I always search the net for my favorite song that not offenly playing to the radio. Who dont like to listen music I think most of us love music. Music was one of my way to unwind it gives more relaxation. I feel refresh and revived if I can sing a song that I really love to sing. Eventhough the music dont like me but the important is iI like the music lol! I really love carpenters and Abba their music are really suitted into my innerface. My friend share to me the local websites of one radio in our country ( in our province). I love to listen the old folks music there and the local music. It remind me everything in my past. How nice to remember during the time when I'll be a teenager. Every music bring every memory that I really treasured. It is a big help now for us the technology how they bring to us the important news, events and music in our sorroundings. Video & Music on Rapidshare is one of the kind that we can search our favorite video music. It's really the sign of high technology. That everybody enjoy the time sharing their moments.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I miss this pitty--

As I saw here my alexa it is more than higher than the tallest building in the whole world. I feel pitty to my first blog which I started. So I preferred to write a little bit anything here again.
Happy new year Everyone!