Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More freezing here

Past few days i thought it was the coldest time i experienced, I was wrong these morning was the coldest time for our place. It was about minus 25 as they said that it was like the weather in Syberia in Russia. As i saw in the news eastern europe was affected the frozen winter like we experienced now. It was terrible cold i cannot explained it how cold it was. One thing i can described it, it was dry winter (as i named it). The sunshine was up there but our sorroundings was plain white and freeze.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Indiana Bankruptcy

While watching news in Internet I had time to open my blog and my FB account. As I observed there are lot of changing in my hometown. More development in the stablishment be there. This was a good sign that our community will be in progess. When it be happen for sure some big company try to invest their business there. Where people will be benefited on it. If you are planning to have your own business especially to the people living near in Indiana. You be worried if there is something happen to your business. It might be earn or become bankrupt. The expert person was there to help you. Yes, Indiana Bankruptcy Lawyer will be the expert about loosing in more ways of business. They are there to help and guide you what will be the best things to do in case you encounter business problem.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It is me again visiting my frosting blog. Since I was not able to blog all the time I visited here sometime. Though somebody sending here a comment I was not able to moderate it all. I find my way to visit my blogs just for a maintenance. It is my place to hang out if I have a little bit time infront of computer. Some of my blogging friends has lots of topic to write and enough numbers to count on their blog. Others changes their logo blog and add more blog tittles. Well if my kids are indefendent enough I try my very best to write again. Speaking of Logo, most of us is amazed with logo. Because we be facinated to them sometimes. I am the one who are more interested about logo. I tried to captualized why one company used those logo they had. Sometimes they used that maybe because of some histories behind the success of their business. Yes, success means you reach your goal in the business you offer. That is why business logo design is really appropriated for those bussinessminded people. Because people recall the logo itself. It was like the old picture unforgettable for us.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Leather Sofa

About our twins they are now energetic compare to the last week. Where one of them had diarrhea where gave me panic. He dont like to drink his medicine given by his pedia. What I did was I need to force him to drink all of them. Though he cried a lot, I just ignore it.
Anyway those trial I passed by they are now active and jolly. As a matter of fact they make a joke last nigth the two had a pen and writing all over the living room. Sad to say that our new sofa was the big place for them. They draw behind the sofa and I noticed it so late. When hubby come from work I told him that I think it is better if we look for a leather sofa. That easy to clean and maintain the natural color. Hubby look something in the net he told me about his ideas. And show something where he searched a stylish leather furniture that suitable for having a small children like us. We just only now realized our mistake after we purchased our sofa. We never consider the two little one that they are amuzed in their sorrounding.

Post Valentine's

Last Monday we celebrated our hearths day celebration. Obcourse this was the day were the couple or a partner had a great celebration of their love. For us two we made it simple we just go to our favorite resto. Inviting our friends with his husband. We ate our dinner together and chit-chatting while eating. We enjoyed our nights we treat them as our date of that day. But hubby gave me a long stem of red roses. My favorite on the especial occassion. He hide the rose, I thought he ignore that day. Thinking that dinner is enough but through the surprise when I open the car he told me careful. I asked him why and no answer by him until I found out the rose will be there in my chair.lol...How lovely it was....
Well, after our dinner my friend told me that we need to wait for a while because they have something for us. His husband run to the car and get one bottle of wine. They told us that this wine was a wine deals great for the said occassion. How lucky we are we have a very caring friend couple. We do not expect anything in return from them. Anyway friendship is like a wine when it was old it is more delicious and juicy.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Java PDF

What did you feel when your computer is always attact by the virus? Well obcourse it was devastated for us. It was something wrong for our computer I think we need to install a better anti-virus program. Which my husband did, he asked the help from his officemate where he has a knowledge about computer program. His officemate advise him to buy a CD to install in our computer it was an anti-virus that cost not much like other. For these it is not a problem to open any program in the computer that sometimes attact the files inside. Some files that friends send us or a message that we wanted to open was need a special program like PDF Viewer if i dont mistaken it was supported with java script. Well im not computer expert, I only know is opening and closing the computer. lol

Ratchet Straps

Hello agan here to my first ever blog. It was quit a while or a long time to visit here again. Having duty in the family was a terrible for us. It cost more time to expend with especially when you have two little cute angel. Anyway time flies so fast, without knowing it they are bigger than me. And I cannot stop them to going out in our kingdom. That is why it is hard for us to decide if we pursue our vacation in summer. If they are ready to travel far than the normal routine they used to. Anyway we had a seconde choice , either we travel by car up to the north or we driving to Norway. But travelling a quit far away is a little bit tirey to the driver. And we need to be ready what ever happen on the way. That is why hubby told me we need to put gadgets in our car. Like ratchet straps ,gasoline container just in case our car need it. That was only a little bit preparation. We will see what will be the decession soon.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Wicked profits

While sitting down here I was able to write a little bit in my blog. Looking for my twins while they are in the mood of sleeping. It was somehow recalling my mind the past that time flies so fast. Before I was a working student attending my colleges through my effort.
And now I have my own family in a far away land. Oh my what kind of business I had now. lol. Speaking of business obcouse businessman was behind on it. About their tricks how to gain profits dont have ideas. It was a secret for them. So that time I was an admirer to those who had a business who run it good. They earn not much but the money is there .
Talking about profits I recalled my professor in my college years. He always mention business management and strategies. He said that businessman was a wise man they know how to make a boom to their business and how to introduce thier product. How to sell it to the public and why the public patronizing too. At the end of the day the man behind the business was the one who enjoying profits. I think we need to know about options trading well there is no wrong if you wanted to be a succesful businessman.

Life Insurance

When I used to watch news I become worried for my children. Especially about their health, their future as well. Before it is not a things for me about health insurance. But my husband is his practice to have an insurance for all. He thinking what will be happen in the future. Yes he may be right because we cannot tell our future. It is good to secure ourself to have one kind of insurance that no need much requirements at all. Having to much requirements for an insurance company was a turning off for their clients. Why we need to sacrifice our health and oru future if we have reliable one. Why not to Buy Life Insurance for our children and our future sake. It is good to have one than nothing at all.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Tried to visit my first and my lovely blog my morgentau und rosen blog. This blog brings all the memories during the time when I was started blogging. I wish I can go back in blogging world, miss some of my new friends here where I met through blogging . They are far away in terms of keeping their blog. Kudos to all of you my dear blogging friends hope I can find time to start from time to time an update here.