Tuesday, January 13, 2009

IM be here again

After a week that im not be online i miss all my friends here. Specially the bloghopping and read some blogs of them, commenting and learning about their own ideas. It's a little bit hard to be out of the world of blogging i missed a lot. Hope my visitors and friends understand me, we cannot tell the worst time in our life when it comes to us. So, now im here again and doing my rounds and looking forward to hop- hop as soon as possible as i can. See u guys again!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Filipina friend

Last Sunday one of my Filipina friend here in Germany invited me to visit them for coffee and an invitation for the next day, these was today. Because our Filipina friend living in Netherlands visited them too . Due to unexpected illness i caught i was failed my promise instead i called them not to join. But this day my 2 Filipina friends called me and asked me what i wanted to eat, if i like to eat noodles or tinola. I instantly said both..lol.. So Riza dropped here before she go home in Netherlands and bring the said food she brought me too a roses. I felt blessed to have a friends like a family to me , who gave care and worried on me during this time i need somebody to lean on. To Cel and Riz thank you guys for both of you, such a billion things to me what you've done!