Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dating In London

We celebrated our valentines just in a simple way. We just ate in our favorite chinese restaurant near in our place. We take the buffet everytime we go there, they served good chinese cuisine. Now after this date we had. My husband asked me where I wanted to spend our summer vacation. Since we are here in European countries we consider one of the most travel places London. We just thinking of it where and how long we need to stay there. As we have our twins we need to consider the length of stay and places as well. A a couple it is nice to have their own quality time. Far away from work and busy days sometimes. Just the two of you as long as possible. It is look like the way you spent where you are girlfriend and boyfriend or on the time of engagement. I think dating is a way of marriage renewal. We cannot deny the fact that after marriage both of you are have different task in the family. We already forget the lovely moments that we need to give and spent each other. Having this kind of activities once or twice a month is a must. Looking for a romantic place is a good consideration in order to bloom our love to each other. And to unwind obcourse for the two of you.