Friday, November 26, 2010

Wicked profits

While sitting down here I was able to write a little bit in my blog. Looking for my twins while they are in the mood of sleeping. It was somehow recalling my mind the past that time flies so fast. Before I was a working student attending my colleges through my effort.
And now I have my own family in a far away land. Oh my what kind of business I had now. lol. Speaking of business obcouse businessman was behind on it. About their tricks how to gain profits dont have ideas. It was a secret for them. So that time I was an admirer to those who had a business who run it good. They earn not much but the money is there .
Talking about profits I recalled my professor in my college years. He always mention business management and strategies. He said that businessman was a wise man they know how to make a boom to their business and how to introduce thier product. How to sell it to the public and why the public patronizing too. At the end of the day the man behind the business was the one who enjoying profits. I think we need to know about options trading well there is no wrong if you wanted to be a succesful businessman.

Life Insurance

When I used to watch news I become worried for my children. Especially about their health, their future as well. Before it is not a things for me about health insurance. But my husband is his practice to have an insurance for all. He thinking what will be happen in the future. Yes he may be right because we cannot tell our future. It is good to secure ourself to have one kind of insurance that no need much requirements at all. Having to much requirements for an insurance company was a turning off for their clients. Why we need to sacrifice our health and oru future if we have reliable one. Why not to Buy Life Insurance for our children and our future sake. It is good to have one than nothing at all.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Tried to visit my first and my lovely blog my morgentau und rosen blog. This blog brings all the memories during the time when I was started blogging. I wish I can go back in blogging world, miss some of my new friends here where I met through blogging . They are far away in terms of keeping their blog. Kudos to all of you my dear blogging friends hope I can find time to start from time to time an update here.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dating In London

We celebrated our valentines just in a simple way. We just ate in our favorite chinese restaurant near in our place. We take the buffet everytime we go there, they served good chinese cuisine. Now after this date we had. My husband asked me where I wanted to spend our summer vacation. Since we are here in European countries we consider one of the most travel places London. We just thinking of it where and how long we need to stay there. As we have our twins we need to consider the length of stay and places as well. A a couple it is nice to have their own quality time. Far away from work and busy days sometimes. Just the two of you as long as possible. It is look like the way you spent where you are girlfriend and boyfriend or on the time of engagement. I think dating is a way of marriage renewal. We cannot deny the fact that after marriage both of you are have different task in the family. We already forget the lovely moments that we need to give and spent each other. Having this kind of activities once or twice a month is a must. Looking for a romantic place is a good consideration in order to bloom our love to each other. And to unwind obcourse for the two of you.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Media Search Engine

During my free time I always search the net for my favorite song that not offenly playing to the radio. Who dont like to listen music I think most of us love music. Music was one of my way to unwind it gives more relaxation. I feel refresh and revived if I can sing a song that I really love to sing. Eventhough the music dont like me but the important is iI like the music lol! I really love carpenters and Abba their music are really suitted into my innerface. My friend share to me the local websites of one radio in our country ( in our province). I love to listen the old folks music there and the local music. It remind me everything in my past. How nice to remember during the time when I'll be a teenager. Every music bring every memory that I really treasured. It is a big help now for us the technology how they bring to us the important news, events and music in our sorroundings. Video & Music on Rapidshare is one of the kind that we can search our favorite video music. It's really the sign of high technology. That everybody enjoy the time sharing their moments.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I miss this pitty--

As I saw here my alexa it is more than higher than the tallest building in the whole world. I feel pitty to my first blog which I started. So I preferred to write a little bit anything here again.
Happy new year Everyone!