Monday, March 16, 2009

Philippine Flower and their Meaning

I just googled these meaning of our Philippine flower's that is why i want to share it to you guys. When i was 8 yrs old my grand mother always introduced me about the name of flowers around her nipa hut. I never forgot the flowers from Cadena de Amor cause according to my grandmother the story behind these flower was the lover's who are really in love to each other until to the end of their life.
Here are some flowers and their meaning:
Amaryllis- Pride
Cadena de Amor pink- My hearht is yours
Cadena de Amor white- My love is pure
Calachuchi - Nobility
Bellflower - Loyalty; I wish to speak with you
Dama de Noche - wait for me
Orchid - you flatter me ; luxury
Rosal - refinement
Rose red- admiration, rose yellow- jealousy, rose white- i love you not.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Foods Nutrients

Every foods that we take brings to our body an equivalent nutrients. If we like protein we need to eat meat and eggs to build or replace wornout tissues. For those who have hard work they need to eat more on carbohydrates they need more food like cereals, bread and rice. Carbohydrates provide us energy and heat to be able to do our daily routine at work. Fats that produce body heat and energy we can have it to eat products with margarine or lard. What i like most is the Vitamins that essential for our growth and health-one of my favorite's food are fruits and veggies.