Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

To all my Visitor and Friends here. Im so sorry im not be able to visit you back. At this moment im not feeling well. I try my very best to visit you as soon as possible.

Happy New Year to Everyone!! myspace graphic comments

Friday, December 26, 2008

Civil Wedding in Germany

The Bride and the Groom
Congatulations Weng and Wolfgang!

Our friend Wolfgang married a Filipina from Ginoog City Philippines, her name was Rowena or we called in her short name Weng. They got married last December 22 in Standesamt (civil department) in Kleve. After a long waiting the time was here, since we meet Wolfgang before he invited us to attend their wedding. The ceremony was very solemn attended by the grooms family and some of friends. It's a little bit difficult for the bride because she need a translator for every words that the judge said. Lucky that other Filipina was there she help the bride to understand the German language.

Our photos together with the Bride in the Middle.

It's not easy in part of the bride imagine weng arrived in Germany the other night and the wedding was the next day, shocking in part of her. But still she is so lucky because one of her friends was there attending their wedding. And she is surrounded by a Filipina including myself lol. After the ceremony the visitor directly proceed to the grooms house to enjoy the most awaiting meals...hehe... Everybody enjoyed the foods and most of us had a take home meals. LOL.
As my opinion it is better to got married in Philippines than to here, there are lot of reasons to consider. First when you got married to PI all your family was there, less expensive than to here. After the wedding the bride can now apply a new passport under the name of the groom, and all the papers she need in the future was hazzle free because she is now registered in groom's surname. ( just my opinion)!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Wishes! myspace graphic comments

Have a wonderful Christmas Celebration to all!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spread the word about PayingPost!

Last month my friend told me about new site how to earn additional income through blogging which is Paying Post since i enjoyed blogging and I'm a stay at home housewife i wanted to earn a little bit from it. If you enjoy blogging why not bring it into additional income .Just simple you just register your blog to paying post and look for the opportunity that are suitable in your site. It's not hard as that to join just register your blog and you've been there. Also for their affiliate program which they gave an extra payment once the blogger join through your site easy right? Why not give a try there is no harm in trying and you will know the result, it's proven for me and for all the blogger that already a member of this site.

But still before i join i have my hesitation in my mind so i was still there i read all about paying post what they offer and what are their difference from other paid post blogs They offer also the blog advertising where the advertiser seek a blogger to write about their products and services. Advertise on PayingPost blog network is a big help in part of the advertiser where the blogger write about their experiences about the products. Through our modern technology blog advertising is a modern way how to announce by the manufacturer their products in the market. It is also a big help to those people who are busy because of work, some people tend to look in the Internet using a keyword for their target product. This is a good idea how to share about the products in the market and the way how to reach the prospective buyers and customers.
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Friday, December 19, 2008

Tag for all

Recieved this from Youngest and AMY Thanks for both of you...... The title itself is fantastic!!!!!!
(sorry pal i wasn't able to post this in my Maus Blog... cant paste it there dont know why... so i try to do it here in my other blog...)
Now, I am passing this award to partner lou
adette weng madslife rose Maya sunny demz.....AND for all of my friend here feel free to grab this.....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

High School Tag

I grabbed again another Tag from Rose.
I'm excited to post my one and only Photo during my high school days. This is the only one i have so far, i sent this photo to my mama and he keep it thanks god..because i stayed during my high school life in my uncle house in manila but unfortunately his house and the neighboring was burned, and all our things was fade away.

From left she is Cherry, next to her is Mona Barcelona, And ME next to me was Brenda Bisquera. They are my closest friend during HS but Brenda is the sweetest one, i remember what she did during recess in canteen before she left she write a note to me in a tissue paper like-"take care my friend", and she promises me too, that we meet again when we be at the age of 50 at our school in San Francisco HS EDSA .(don't know how to meet her again don't have her address anymore).
Now, my blogger friends let post your old photos too.It's cool and fun doing this stuff.GRAB this as soon as possible!

Review of You Need A Budget (YNAB) Pro Software

When I was in High School we have a subject of Home Economics. Our Teacher teaches us about household choir and budgeting.
From that subject I learned how to save an extra money from my weekly allowance, i see to it that i have put a single centavo into my piggy bank. Until now I have my own family Carried it into my whole life I rather want to save and budget my personal budget than to spent it in anything that I wanted to buy. Sometime we are a impulsive buyer we tempt to buy anything that attract our eyes but in reality we don't need it. And for that they become garbage after a time, saving money it not hard for me i included it as my hobby. It is good to know that you have savings that can help you in time you need.

It is good if you save for a rainy days than you don't have anything in your hand. The budget software is there for us to help us to do anything about our income monthly . They teaches us how to avoid living from paycheck to paycheck meaning you just wait for the monthly salary just to pay your debts. It is really true now a days that our economic was not stable we encounter difficulties how to budget our money. For sure when you read this YNAB software and applied it for yourself your every dollars work in everything in your budget. And you be worry free when the bills coming, they make an adjustment for both of you couples about your overspending.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hubby TAG- The Moments

Got this tag i called it by my self the moments... from ROSE and DEMZ Thanks to both of you buddy!

Can you remember the day you first met your hubby? was August 14 , 2005 in Legazpi City Airport at 9.30 in the morning.

First impression. My first impression last...hehe he is so nice and very caring husband, and a down to earth person.
This was taken in Mayon skyline park. His first visit in Philippines

During his second visit in PI my birthday 2 days before our wedding.

Were you friends before he became your bf? YES after 2 years of writing email and after that time , year 2004 we are engaged. We write only emails no chat for the reason that he don't have any knowledge about yahoo messenger so everyday we exchange emails. After we got married that was the time i introduced to him about YM..( weehh)

This was taken in Bohol the day after our wedding

What was the sweetest thing he did for you? He sent me a CD - Deutsch sprache- learning to speak German and necklace with heart pendant which he mean that was his heart.

This photo taken in his third time visit in PI when the time he fetch me, the time we will be forever -flying back to his Home called Deutschland!

What are the things about him that you are thankful for? I'm thankful that god gave me that i prayed him ..the man that i can lean on!.. and im be thankful that he is Single, i asked why he got too late to decide married ,he answered me because im too late to came accross on his life. hehe..

*Now the rules are simple. 1. Pick your sweetest picture when you were still friends and post it on top of the questions and answers. 2. Another pic now that you are together post it after the questions. 3. Share to how many friends you like. 4. Enjoy doing it c: 5. Let your hubby read it too...
Now its time for me to pass this TAG to somebody who want to reminisce their past. Keep our memories alive!

Monday, December 15, 2008

How blog advertising works?

Nowadays there are so much ways how to introduce your products not like before that only radio can broadcast your business. And because of our modern world people can searched now there products offered online. Blogging network is one of these kind of sending the announcement to the customer which is a big help for both, where the buyer can search there things in the net and the advertiser offer there services through advertise on blogs its a modern tactics aside from a news paper ads, bill boards and Television.

Me and my husband the online searching is a great help for us we searched it everytime about the product that we plan to buy and bring with us fun and comfort. You can compare every products from amount they offered and the quality they have. Through blogging, blogger write different reviews about the products and services they offered so its a big help to those searching a question or quiries through blog marketing is the best and modern one how to reach the customer they are targeted in the market through our modern technology. Our blog are something that we want to write about the company ,its our own opinion about the services, events, insights offered by the company. Writing the insights are a big help to others.

Some of my friends online told me about the available site online that i can join. One of this is Paying Post there sites are user friendly for blogger . Maybe its could be nice to earn a little bit for our efforts through blogging.I will learn also through reading in the site of value your opinions and paid for it. You can write anything you want to write unless it's related to their product and writing about the topics. It's a two way process blogger earn an extra money and advertiser earn customers through promoting their product and services.
Blog advertising network

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Spirit award

Got this wonderful award/tag from ate ces. SALAMAT ng MARAMI for i am one of the recipient. lol! Christmas is fast approaching , cold weather is here , snow falls and Christmas shopping is just around there and here, lots of people buying and wrapping gifts..which bloom the Christmas in every houses. More Christmas decors, lights in our Xmas trees, lights and decor in other houses that give the spirit of Yuletide seasons. Merry Christmas everybody!
Now its time for me to pass this award to:ALL WHO WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT IN THEIR BLOGS...please do grab this my friends!

Money in Blog

First i was hesitated to create my blog for the reasons that i am not a writer and more ideas to share. But one day if found myself created one which time pass by i created another which bring my brain work and meet lots of people around. And i read more and more about other blog caught my attention about Bloggerwave where the blogger and the advertisers meet. And through this the bloggers can earn extra money and work by its own convenient time and place. Just register your blog and wait if it is qualified, if yes you can now wait for the job waiting for you.
The bloggerwave brings your blog to advertiser then if they like your blog and reach the criteria they offer you a job to write a review about their merchandise or products offer in the market. This is also the way how to share our ideas about marketing. These can be a way to reach the customers and prospective buyers. Which i think its a big help to the customer before they purchase the product they wanted to buy.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A defense of oneself-shyness

Shyness sometimes can't avoid its a normal as a human. When we are shy our face tend to turn red. Sometimes brings to us to be confused in everything or we lost in focus. I do not think that shyness can be kept within bounds by any ethical arguments. I used to tell myself if i encountered it for instance, i was okay , i know what i did and what i can say. Old folks said you become shy if you do not good to your fellows, or you are in the world of lying telling not the truth in order to compliment yourself or others or not to hate disregarded by them . My point is I'm a better person ,i am what i am, naturally had a weaknesses and strength, even though it is not good to think negatively then think both (negative and positive ), if you feel that this feeling /practice can help you why not... Be yourself....

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Out of my Cage and myself I go

Those who wish to forget painful thoughts, do well to absent themselves for a while from the ties and objects that recall them, but we can be said only to full fill our destiny in the place that gave us birth. I should on this account like well enough to spend the whole of my life around me at the present. But still anywhere we will be then ...there's no place that we can spend afterwards that is our HOME! There's no place like our home..

Monday, December 1, 2008

Brown or White eggs?

Some people prefer white shelled eggs. Other people say that brown -shelled eggs are more wholesome to eat.

The truth is that the color of the shell has nothing to do with the food value of the egg. The quality of the egg depends on the variety of factors such as the food eaten by hens.

The coloring of the shell depends on the breed of the hen. Leghorn and Minorca hens lays white -shelled eggs. Most other chickens lay brown-shelled eggs, but the Araucana hens of South America lay blue-shelled eggs.