Thursday, January 13, 2011

Java PDF

What did you feel when your computer is always attact by the virus? Well obcourse it was devastated for us. It was something wrong for our computer I think we need to install a better anti-virus program. Which my husband did, he asked the help from his officemate where he has a knowledge about computer program. His officemate advise him to buy a CD to install in our computer it was an anti-virus that cost not much like other. For these it is not a problem to open any program in the computer that sometimes attact the files inside. Some files that friends send us or a message that we wanted to open was need a special program like PDF Viewer if i dont mistaken it was supported with java script. Well im not computer expert, I only know is opening and closing the computer. lol

Ratchet Straps

Hello agan here to my first ever blog. It was quit a while or a long time to visit here again. Having duty in the family was a terrible for us. It cost more time to expend with especially when you have two little cute angel. Anyway time flies so fast, without knowing it they are bigger than me. And I cannot stop them to going out in our kingdom. That is why it is hard for us to decide if we pursue our vacation in summer. If they are ready to travel far than the normal routine they used to. Anyway we had a seconde choice , either we travel by car up to the north or we driving to Norway. But travelling a quit far away is a little bit tirey to the driver. And we need to be ready what ever happen on the way. That is why hubby told me we need to put gadgets in our car. Like ratchet straps ,gasoline container just in case our car need it. That was only a little bit preparation. We will see what will be the decession soon.