Monday, June 30, 2008

Mini Golf

Last summer we played these sport together with my husband colleagues.
These sport is much fun and i find it interesting. When they say Golf it comes to our mind that it's one of expensive hobbies or sport in the whole world. But not in mini golf, because these sport was so simple and you dont need to be member of the GOLF CLUB. Instead you pay only per hour. The minigolf courses typically use similar designs as the greens in normal golf place.

Having an oddly-shaped green area made of felt rather than grass, and obstacles made of stone , sand and many more its up to the owner how was they created there fantasy as hindrance or obtacles through the goal. Usually have nine or eighteen holes (or less commonly twelve), and the object is to hit the minigolf ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible. The distance to the hole from the starting area is rarely more than 10 meters in minigolf....
JUST FOR FUN GUYS...but those was my first playing mini golf!!!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stadt Kalkar

November 19 ,2006 i arrived here in Germany, early in the morning we go around in the stadt (City) together with my husband. He Introduced me to his boss and his officemates. Im so amazed about the Rathaus ( City hall) - where my husband worked under the Finance department. The land area of this Stadt is much bigger to his community. Much old folks choose this place as there retiring homeplace, because of his peaceful and wonderful nature sorrounded by the city. They had 3 houses for old folks here. Stadt kalkar grounded in the year 1230, so you can see its back old years structures.
German people are very friendly opposite to our thinking againts them. They give flowers as a sign of welcoming . Some of them speak English but others dont. So you forced to learn there language which i did.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Good to be Pinoy

Everyday we driving together with my classmate our meeting place is inside the Bus. One day when we go down the rain poured out. My two classmates make a joke with me. They say maybe you dont go under the shower this day...And i quickly answered to them,, i go everyday to the shower. That's my practice even if there's a snow outside i need to took a shower. From my replied they shocked and said WAS?! gehst du zur dusche jeden tag?!!..(you go to the shower everyday?).... its also shocking from me...and i asking back to them WARRUM?! gehen sie nicht jeden tag unter die dusche?...(why you dont take a shower everyday)?..On my dismay to there answer NEIN "(NO)" because they feel lazy to take a shower everyday.They say every two days before they shower.SAYANG DAW NG TUBIG. huhuhu.
I Tried to understand them maybe these habits are from culture to culture.
.......Therefore hygien for us is more important....kahit karamihan walang shower satin , tabu lang okey na. Importante malinis tayo sa ating katawan!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Since i was high school i developed my hobby for Crochet. I tried again and again just to learn different design. Even if i'll be busy before i see to it make a hoop and create my style . When i arrived here in Germany i also discovered Knitting its cool. But still my creation is not yet too perfect. PRACTICE MAKEs PERFECT they say.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our tour in Cologne

Before my first German Sprachkurs ended we had an orientation about German Culture. The teacher discussed to us about Germany , we had also a tour to KÖLN. We go around the City be in ourself, enjoy our moments taking pictures, buy souvenirs etc. although we are from different countries and we speak limited deutsch but still we enjoyed our companionship.
We also enjoyed our climbing drill in Köln Dome which composed of over 509 steps - crossing the big church bell. It was a tiring and unforgetable deal we've made. Sorry to say i did'nt reach the top. Only half of it i did because my knees started shaking.....bwahaha...but still im so lucky to climbed that stairs!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

OUr vacation in Norway

After my first German Sprachkurs last September 18, 2007 were driving for a vacation to Norway we stay there almost 20 days.
Im so excited to visit for the first time the Scandinavian Country. From Germany we pass the borderline of Danemark it take us 8 hrs driving. From Danemark Port we need to rode in the Luxury ship name Color Line Festival until to Oslo Port (capital of norway) take another 8 hours inside the ship. Its so exciting, tiring and amazing tour with my husband.

We stayed in Oslo for 3 nights. I observed there so much Filipino people working in Oslo specially Seaman. We visited much places in Oslo, ships museum, and the Norwegian Royal Palace.
After the 3 nights in Oslo we need to drived to our real destination in Norway (that is for fishing).
It take us to drive 1 day again just to find the place and the house that we reserved in LIARVÄG
(southern part of Norway).So we need to stay in Hotel for one night. Limited people staying there most of the house is only for vacation.

More mountains, tunnels, ocean, hills and subway to passby just to reach the place. But the tiredness was gone when we do our most awaited event called FISHING:::::::::::::
We had too much Fun, Excitement everytime we catched the fish. Norwegian is a very nature country. Excellent in GOD architectural design.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Morgentau und Rosen

Morgentau and Rosen is a German Word for Morningdew and Roses.

Since i was a kid every morning when i got up early i saw drops of water in the grass (hamog) which bring me hope and promises, with help of the morning sun it bring refreshing cool.
I love roses everytime this flower for me represent tranquility, love, inspiration and most of all i see the beauty of Nature.
Nevermind the torns in its stem , these are only protection for her uniqueness.