Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stadt Kalkar

November 19 ,2006 i arrived here in Germany, early in the morning we go around in the stadt (City) together with my husband. He Introduced me to his boss and his officemates. Im so amazed about the Rathaus ( City hall) - where my husband worked under the Finance department. The land area of this Stadt is much bigger to his community. Much old folks choose this place as there retiring homeplace, because of his peaceful and wonderful nature sorrounded by the city. They had 3 houses for old folks here. Stadt kalkar grounded in the year 1230, so you can see its back old years structures.
German people are very friendly opposite to our thinking againts them. They give flowers as a sign of welcoming . Some of them speak English but others dont. So you forced to learn there language which i did.

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