Friday, June 20, 2008


It's my pleasure for me to visit a friend in Heidelberg. Last June 2007 me and my husband driving to there. They say Heidelberg is a heart of Europe, i dont know why, maybe because of its beauty and attractions by nature. We stay there for 3 days going around visited the Museum, Palace (Schloss), Old Stadt ( Alt Stadt);The Castle & Königstuhl,Philosophenweg and the River Neckar.

The Philosphenweg offers great views of Heidelberg old town from across the River Neckar..... but there's no such thing as a free lunch in this world and I'm afraid you have to walk up either a pretty steep hill or climb up a lot of steps to enjoy the view...... The Königstuhl-The beautiful old castle dominates the Heidelberg skyline, looming over the old town. While the River Neckar is really beautiful. You'll cruise past lovely old villages and towns - some dating back a thousand years. You'll also notice that there are lots of greens and mountains around.

And Most of all i visited the place and the monument of Dr. Jose Rizal in Heidelberg.
I can't really imagine that i can make a post and take picture near the monument of Dr. Jose Rizal, because i thought this is only in the book when i was in college under the subject "RIZAL".
Wonderful adventure...isnt? For this time i see two kinds of famous River in the whole world. RIVER NECKAR AND RIVER RHIEN.(river rhein is too near in our place in kalkar, Germany).


retchel said...

nice view..

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Islander said...

oy ang galing! talaga? merong statue si rizal sa heidelberg? i know, rizal once made a history in travel but i did not expect he is honored with a statue of him built in there.