Tuesday, June 10, 2008

OUr vacation in Norway

After my first German Sprachkurs last September 18, 2007 were driving for a vacation to Norway we stay there almost 20 days.
Im so excited to visit for the first time the Scandinavian Country. From Germany we pass the borderline of Danemark it take us 8 hrs driving. From Danemark Port we need to rode in the Luxury ship name Color Line Festival until to Oslo Port (capital of norway) take another 8 hours inside the ship. Its so exciting, tiring and amazing tour with my husband.

We stayed in Oslo for 3 nights. I observed there so much Filipino people working in Oslo specially Seaman. We visited much places in Oslo, ships museum, and the Norwegian Royal Palace.
After the 3 nights in Oslo we need to drived to our real destination in Norway (that is for fishing).
It take us to drive 1 day again just to find the place and the house that we reserved in LIARVĂ„G
(southern part of Norway).So we need to stay in Hotel for one night. Limited people staying there most of the house is only for vacation.

More mountains, tunnels, ocean, hills and subway to passby just to reach the place. But the tiredness was gone when we do our most awaited event called FISHING:::::::::::::
We had too much Fun, Excitement everytime we catched the fish. Norwegian is a very nature country. Excellent in GOD architectural design.


chubskulit said...

Nice, how i wish I could visit your place and go to places you've been lol.. Saka na pag nanalo ako sa lotto hahaha! Go mare, write ka lang lagi para makarami ka hehe.. see you!

Morgentau und Rosen said...

i tried to create my cbox..
but i cant...dont know where to paste.
SALAMATON MADS::::sa pag dropby