Monday, June 23, 2008

Good to be Pinoy

Everyday we driving together with my classmate our meeting place is inside the Bus. One day when we go down the rain poured out. My two classmates make a joke with me. They say maybe you dont go under the shower this day...And i quickly answered to them,, i go everyday to the shower. That's my practice even if there's a snow outside i need to took a shower. From my replied they shocked and said WAS?! gehst du zur dusche jeden tag?!!..(you go to the shower everyday?).... its also shocking from me...and i asking back to them WARRUM?! gehen sie nicht jeden tag unter die dusche?...(why you dont take a shower everyday)?..On my dismay to there answer NEIN "(NO)" because they feel lazy to take a shower everyday.They say every two days before they shower.SAYANG DAW NG TUBIG. huhuhu.
I Tried to understand them maybe these habits are from culture to culture.
.......Therefore hygien for us is more important....kahit karamihan walang shower satin , tabu lang okey na. Importante malinis tayo sa ating katawan!


chubskulit said...

Madi, I hope u don't mind.. I think u mean Proud, iyo? Love it though hehehe.. from now on comments na lang kita magcommunicate para maogma hehehe..

faye said...

hehehe,,thnx for d comment mads,,i really appreciate it,,
SINCE i like to experiment in everything,, i used to write PRIde instead of Proud....mwuahhhh

onyxx said...

you know what freaked me out when i talked to friend who stayed there for 1 month (vacation)? she told us that folks out there don't mind about "farting" while eating :D (apparently they do this a lot even when they go out to dine). basta 'wag ka lang daw mag-belch!

heheheh... i mean, just how weird can they get? i don't think i can finish a meal while people around me are making those flattulent noises. ugh, gross! i'd probably fall off my seat laughing...