Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our tour in Cologne

Before my first German Sprachkurs ended we had an orientation about German Culture. The teacher discussed to us about Germany , we had also a tour to KÖLN. We go around the City be in ourself, enjoy our moments taking pictures, buy souvenirs etc. although we are from different countries and we speak limited deutsch but still we enjoyed our companionship.
We also enjoyed our climbing drill in Köln Dome which composed of over 509 steps - crossing the big church bell. It was a tiring and unforgetable deal we've made. Sorry to say i did'nt reach the top. Only half of it i did because my knees started shaking.....bwahaha...but still im so lucky to climbed that stairs!


chubskulit said...

hippiti hoppiti hop! hopping by to say hi and hope you'll drop by my site. Madz, gawa ka na ng cbox bilis! love the pictures..

Islander said...

what is that building on that pic in the right? i like it. grandeous architecture.