Sunday, August 3, 2008

FISH be with you

We started to have a 60 liter aquirium, but my hubby did not contented for that he wanted a little bit bigger so after 3 months we replaced our 60 liter aquarium to 116 liter. And buy another blue sand , water plants, air pumps, nets, housing and all the aquarium kit items like the thermometer, heater and filter and instrument for cleaning we need to do expense more in order our fish survive. My gosh our fish is so much spoiled by my husband it’s so expensive hobbies aside from the price of each fish the cheapest fish he bought was 3-up to 7.50 euro each.

We need also the feeds for them and artificial logs inside. Maintaining aquarium is a little bit more work from cleaning and changing water. But there was a rewarded moment when it's feeding time he comes over to me, goes up the side of the tank and starts sucking the flake and freezed the salad leaves off the top surface of the water. Very relaxed and nature feeling every time I watched them swimming. We have different kinds of fish Family from janitor fish they called here
WELS, and BARBE family of carf, and many more I don’t know the name.

The good news was when I cleaned the pump because of its sound was not good to my ears a little bit function failure , so I bring it in washbasin I saw the baby fish swimming, first I saw only 1 until I make my eyes bigger then until I got 7 babies. Wowow. Our aquarium now had additional population. I placed the babies in “AUFZUCHTBECKEN” small rectangular transparent plastic which design for smaller fish.


chubskulit-rose said...

Congratulations, lumalaki na ang family nyo ni mike lol.. Next time, it would be you delivering your own baby!

nimzoindy said...

Do u like fish? 60L of aquarium seem nice. What kind of fish you got in there?

faye said...

MAds hopefully next time kami na ang mag over pop,haha

nimzoindy, i really like nature, aquirium is like an ocean miniture very relaxing, we have too much different kinds of fish i dont know the name its just a small kinds of fish.

Jean Marie said...

weheee..i see you have a couple of janitor fish. I have a big one in my aquarium too. I used to have 4 big fish in my aquarium, the 2 died so what's left are 2 big red paco. When I say huge, i mean big...the other one is like 9 inches and the other one is a foot long. i only have 50 gallons of aquarium, i don't know how they did grow like that.

Malou said...

i agree with rose mas happy na ang family nyo hopefully lumaki lalo pag dumating na si baby..,

pchi said...

agree agree!

i'd love to see pictures of your baby soon!

the fishes look good for now though


faye said...

mads rose,lou and peach
ur opinions are almost the same
pls do praying to complete my life having my

Weng Forsgren said...

wala pa kayong baby? Make your own na to make your life complete.
I like seeing fishes inside the aquarium but i dont have aquarium at home. Maybe I secure don't know..hehe
take care

treen said...

it's aquarium? not at the sea?