Sunday, August 10, 2008

My dream Vacation

While other dreaming for white Christmas, me is different since then im dreaming to reach and see the GreatWall of China a dream where i wanted to spend my vacation in the Future.

1. Pink and Bubbly
2. Everything Kimchi
3. The Cake Chronicles
4. Pinoy Gaming World
5. imishyou
6. Morgentau und Rosen

Create a post on your blog, copy the list above (#1-6) onto that post and then add your site link in slot #7. Tag as many bloggers as you want. Logic: the list will circulate as it grows, boosting the yahoo/google backlinks of those in the list. It's a win-win deal. ^^

I'm tagging:
pchi , lou , weng , rose, Shiela ,sunny


Weng Forsgren said...

hello rose, pls help me hehehe.
di ko alam kung paano ko ilagay yong link, pagnasa compose message ako. paano ba? sorry ha igno kasi haha

Weng Forsgren said...

i clicked add link, pero hm. tell me kung paano

pchi said...

thank you for this tag ate

will do it later...

hope you're doing alright!

chubskulit said...

hehehe nasala si ate weng kan pagsent k message hehehe..

Ate Weng, parehas lang yan ng paggawa mo ng blogroll..

Madz, thanks will do this later, have a night shift tonight till 12 mn..

Nagdonar na ako didi kaso nagkaigwa ka na naman hehehe wara pa so dodonaran ko pero maray an ngani matipon na lol..

faye said...

no problemo weng makukuha mo yan

take ur time lng peach..

salamat mads,,,,

WeblogLearner said...

I cannot see the image.. too bad but I too, have not been to China yet. I hope to see the Wall as wll..but not now ehen the Olympics is there coz it would surely be expensive!

@Weng, better 'view source' and copy so it is one copy and no need to spend much time. Right click, then click view source, after, find this post by clicking ctrl+f para makita yung 'dream vacation'na title and copy from there.. the links will be original and yung last part nalang papalitan mo.

fren_ace said...

it's a nice place to
spent vication with your
love once

fren_ace said...

it's a nice place to
spent vication with your
love once

faye said...

ako din not to the olympics,,,only the greatwall as in,,nung elem kasi ako nabasa ko yan umpisa nun nagstart na ako mag dream kaya...till now sana matupad ang dream ko makaapak dun sa greatwall...thanks sa comment

yap nice to have a vacation with my hubby,, we will be on the way to PI tomorrow for 20 days break.
tnx for comment

Malou said...

thanks for the tag until now i still have a problem in doing my links awwwww!!

pchi said...

ok, finally posted it ate... thanks