Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Most of us filipino when we eat chicken were looking for a wishbone. Same as i, i love to eat fried chicken specially crispy and juicy, from that i learned to look for the wishbone... Wishbone is a fork-shaped bone in front of the breast of most birds or chickens, form by the united clavicles, well known merrythought, owing to the superstition belief that the one of two persons who gets the larger piece in pulling it apart will gain his wish... Did u ever tried to make a wish upon the wishbone?!..i did...many many times until now..haha..dont know if my wish came come true...SOON...maybe... God only knows.


techniqueal t. said...

oh i do too! i do it all the time, hahaha

great blog! thanks for visiting mine. ^_^

Weng F. said...

i like to eat wsih bone, but never made a wish, try ko kaya hehe.