Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our all saints and souls day Celebration

As a catholic belief we need to honor the soul of our departed ones. November 1 is the official All saints Day, which honors all the saints who attained Beatific Vision. Followed the next day November 2 we celebrated the All Soul's Day as honoring the faithful departed.

In my observation most people practiced are they went to the cemetery at the first day of November instead of its official day. Generally in the Philippines specially we celebrating this holiday we attend the mass or offering a mass to all the soul of our departed ones. In other town they exhibit the relics of saints on the catafalque or altars. I remember my old parents as the practice of the family they cook food, from these they set aside a little bit in the plate commonly they prepared those favorite food from the departed relative and offer prayer in the altars as they believe that the soul from the departed relative are just around to celebrate their days. Other are directly proceed to the cemetery to visit , bless and decorate the graves. This tradition is universal for us as a member of the catholic church and acceptable by the church as an old tradition and practice.

What i did today was, as honoring and remembering the soul of my departed love ones we visited the church near in our place , lighted a candle for them and offer a short prayer. Visited also the grave from my father in-law and offered flowers although my mother in-law bring flower almost everyday there.
Prayers is the only one we can offer and give to them no other things. They need us to say a prayer , they are helpless no one can help them but us. I did it not only for their special day but when i pray before i sleep they are all included. Because i believed for the old sayings that the soul is the best help for us when we are not here on earth or when our time comes they are there welcoming us and guiding us on our way were our destination are.


sunny said...

I missed d old times rin kabayan, ngayon i just lit a candle and offered a preyer to my departed loved ones at my pad.

Weng F. said...

I was in the church yesterday and sung together with my group. It was a touching holy mass,specially when we lighted the candles. Marami ang napaiyak because of the nice music that played by our choir leader.

Nanaybelen said...

happy all souls day!
ang gaganda mga blog mo.
ang sarap magbasa

chubskulit said...

Hello mads, too bad wara kaan sa states.. more on commercial celebration sinda... whic is kakainis on my part hahaha..

faye said...

hello nanay belen
thank you so much for your affirmation!!..and time to share your thoughts here..gbu

mads rose..
here too parang di nila cenicelebrate wala lang npakaordinary lng sya...kya miss ko kinagawian na.