Saturday, November 8, 2008

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Almost everyday we go out with my mother in law just to eat piece of cake and drink coffee. From then on we meet the Lady name Mai at first i thought she is a Filipina but i was wrong. She is like a Filipina but she's from Thailand , yes Mai is a thailander but her attitude is like a filipina too. So, My mother in law asked "Kommst du aus Philippinen" are you from the Philippines? And Mai answer Nein ich bin aus Thailand..Ohh ,,,im thinking that she is a real Filipina. And i asked her too if she work at that Bakery she answer me nicely, yeah but my husband is the owner of this Bakery. OHH simple lady but down to earth attitude... She is nice and Friendly which i fond of to one person. "hindi mayabang" although she is the boss from that shop.
We know Mai for almost a year now and my Mother in law imake a surprised for me- my Visitor one of my down to earth friend i found around my place MAi.
It's nice to celebrate birthday and our wedding anniversarry with a friend and close family. Since my biological family is so far away and my husband family is just my mother in law. We celebrated only by us three.


yen said...

hi Ms Faye,
Belated Happy Anniversary! Its better to be late...More years to come!!!

Jan & Yen

sunny said...

hi faye, yup, ull find friends anywhere in the world......enjoy your weekend kabayan!

Weng F. said...

hello Fe, dami mo pala na post. hindi ko nakita kahapon.
belated happyb-day sayo.
Yes you are right Thailander are looks the same as Filipinos.I have lots of Thailander friends here, some are good and humble yong iba naman hindi. But I look at a person itself not a group.

faye said...

yen, sunny, weng
thanks for dropping by

chubskulit said...

Hi mads, may award ako saimo.. pop up over my palace hehehe..

otomotif said...

I like making friends with you

Joops said...

mads dropping by pumipindot..