Friday, July 4, 2008

Something happen

This afternoon when we had a partner activity in our language course. I did'nt like what my sit-mate did. Suppose to be she my partner for the activity (german dialog), but she selected her own partner. She had a silly reason. She said that i dont like to work with her and i always work to another group.
Which bring me mad and irritates me more.
But it is okey, because i dont like to be her partner in activity in reality.
Because when she recited she dont know what she's talking about (not in the topic anymore) and all the people laughing over her.
And when these happen she easily get mad and speak with her own dialect. Which i dont want to happen to me that the listener laughing over me. Laughing for that dumbness ( sorry for that).
I can say that laughing for somethings funny was good, but for another meaning of laughing is also different story!
( °= °)
' '

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