Saturday, July 19, 2008

my past bestfriend................

Just to reminished the past when i was in Grade school, being a silent in the class I have my own friend. I’m so shy and favorite by my teacher to do something inside the classroom like cleaning the rooms even if its not my duty day. “ Sweeper”.

And during break-time selling her ice candies and sometimes removing her white hair.
Everyday is my unlucky day because our teacher give me more task to do. As a little one I need to follow what the teachers say. Even if I wanted to join my classmates for playing , running , making Sipa and Chinese Garter.

By these time I have my angel she is always there to help me. I have a friend her name is Mavic , during our recess we exchange our baon, (my baon is camote and pandesal for mavic) and after the class we walk together home.

Exchanging bag sad to say my bag is not so heavy compare to her bag.
Okey is not a big deal……. While walking in the street we sing our favourite song titled “WHO’S HOLDING DONNA NOW”. We always wanted to go inside the building of Albay capitol asking for some bondpaper. And pass through the building of Patio Napal because of its fresh and cool surroundings. Holding hands passing the pedestrian lanes and watchful for the vehicles around.
We do together our project, but she is only the one watching and making merienda for us , I do the project alone. Her reason is she don’t know what to do. So I did what is the best for our project “RUG” just to pass it the next day. We also enjoyed watching T.V. in mavics house , because papa can’t afford to buy one for us.
We also shared our crushes, dreams, and favourites, Mavic had a crush before name MIKE. He have a blond hair and white skin which my bestfriend turn on to him. Woow….
When Mavic saw Mike she feel like in heaven. She don’t want to carry my bag anymore to show that she be sexy lol. Time goes on our ways separated I need to go to
Manila to continue my Schooling there with the help of my mama’s brother, because we are 9 siblings in the family. But I did not inform my bestfriend we lost our communications until I go back to Legazpi after 11 yrs. I saw the name of my friend in CMO in divine word college. She is so active working there as a student leader. And she tried to sent me notes through my classmate and we met once and never repeated again because of our class schedule. Mavic that time is graduating student and me?! , im just starting my college life. What a big difference…..
Time passingby we lost again our communication after these big break of reunited. No news , no idea wherever we be. Until I visited her old house in Albay but sad to say mavic is not there she be in
Manila learning her Masters degree.
And until I came here in
Germany I searched her name under Friendster. Hoping to find my bestfriend. Luckily I found her she is now a teacher in La Consolacion College Manila. We continue our dreams through chatting and share our own experiences in Life. Wish i could met HER in person again, Soon…


Anonymous said...

I also used friendster to find my best friend in grade school. lo and behold I found her! it's amazing when you haven't seen your bff for a very long time and you get to see her even just online. Anyway, in my part, i still get to see her(barely) because we happen to be in the same college now.

malou said...

makamundo na maogma ang story but somehow maski saen kita magduman ang tunay na friend dai mawawara saimo no matter how far kamu sa lambang saru...

chubskulit-rose said...

huhuhuhehehehahaha.. grabeng istorya ini hahaha makaibi ..oiii pawno magdownload k video from youtube?

Cahaya Hati Nurani said...

oh good..
so now u can keep in touch again..
remembering past wonderful memories

Have a nice day