Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our passion

When it comes to the stone. My husband had dream to have a gallery for his collections.
He be also a collector of some / different minerals.

Hubby's past time. He be a member of Stamp club in Goch for more than 20 yrs and He collected Stamps for almost 40 yrs now. Everyday after work or during freetime he sit so silently arranging his precious stamps. He cannot be separated into it.

Saw these creation of mine when i arranged my closet. Had a big smile and remember the time when i created all these stuff. That was my boring moment and creative days.

The green-white was my first product and the Yellow- Brown materials was from PI brought to here. After our vacation on September i need to continue some of stuff which i already started and looking for different yarn , and planning to create something new again.


chubskulit-rose said...

wow gaganda naman.. pahagad lol... hubby collects stamps and coins.. I collect photos hahaha.. Giving u some Pi$O here..

faye said...

tnx,,yan ang fruit kan wara maginibu,apod ko diyan produkto debabloy,,hehe igwa na man mi simo,,aram mo na ito

Suprihatin said...

Your husband have a great idea! Now lets issue

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Malou said...

I admire your creation,,you can be a business woman by selling it if you like hehe
Check the piso that I gave you hehe

fren_ace said...

your husband is artistic
and very creative!