Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Love and I like

I Love to live I love to dream and i like to create my own fantasy. I love to inhale the wind from the ocean. I love to see the sunrise in the morning. I like to see the sunset in the afternoon. I like to watch the stars and moon above. I like to be alone but i love sorrounded by the people. I love my parents, my family I love my friends who are dear to me I like my enemy who conquer my patience. i love my silhouette to follow me.( hehe meaning buhay pa ako) I LOVE to received roses from my husband. I love surprises. I like to sleep early but i love to stay up late. i like to talk and i love to listen. i love to see different places in the whole world. I love to listen music which flowing in my heart. I love all kinds of butterflies and flowers ( kahit bulaklak ng kamote)
I love violet, lavander , lila and purple.
----------------- these is only from my imaginations brought to me by my boring moments. ( in short walang magawa)


malou said...

kala ko seryoso 'to kikay din pala wahahaha

chubskulit said...

hehehehehehhe I agree!