Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back in Circulation of Computer world!

Im back after my 5 days no internet browsing because of our PC barndown.
I feel now how to be much bored without the daily habit opening the computer for my first hour in the morning. I find myself too look something what i can do inside the house and not missed my blogs. I do some extra hobbies finishing my 2 knitted shawl and making/sewed our curtain in the living room and in our kitchen. And also my T-pillow cases found some funny things when i did all for 5 days, before when i saw those things i told myself i cant do the curtain by myself because its a little bit bigger but because of boredsome i finished all. (kasi nga nakafocus sa internet)lSo now i welcome myself in my blogging world lol!.(hope my friendly computer dont leave me again.)


Malou said...

wow naayus na palan pc mo back to business kita

salamat sa comment

ckulit said...

wohoooooooooooo! Pasalubong lol!

Weng Forsgren said...

welcome back hehe.. pareho tayo lol