Monday, September 29, 2008

Praise music

While making my knitting shawl I turn on the CD player and listen the inspirational/ praise music from the CD, I bought from the Philippines. I listened eagerly what the message was. Thinking about how music runs my imagination and soothing my souls to be inspired. Every lyrics from that CD I heard was motivated me and give me religiously strength.

Most of this praise music was not too popular for a young one compare to the love song but if I analyzed the sound was good and so the lyrics was SUPER! One I like here most was titled –ONE DAY AT A TIME-The lyrics said – One day at a time because might be tomorrow is not our mine. Askin God to show the life every day because life is not forever, everyday our life was changing INTO a purpose. I love listening Christian music since 1995 (if I’m not mistaken) where POPE John II visited the Philippines for the World Youth Day Celebrations.


Filthy room said...

agree kabayan, mkrelex ang makinig ng praise music, it lifts both ur body and soul.

here's one praise music that i listen to very often: i posted it on my art blog: here's the link -

take care!

faye said...

yap na open ko na po,,add ko sya ulit sa blog list ko okey doki