Sunday, September 21, 2008

Present - Future

When we think our future what comes in our mind? Most of the day im thinking what my future will be, never throw away my precious todays cause might be today is my day to begin my future. When i had days of enjoyment and satisfaction i really give my 100% on it, might be i never pass that day and happiness again. They say if you want to laugh do it with all your heart and soul don´t think for the person looking at you do what you want.

For me it is good to imagine a happy future and make plans for it but we should not put off the happiness we can have today. Enjoy LIFE the way it is put spices on it flavor your taste of life you wanted to be. But sometime worrying is part of our life something that is going to happen will make our lives stressful and be unhappy. I remember a story the Father arrived from work to home and the Son asking for his PRESENT, the Father told his Son, im so sorry my son for this moment i cant give you a present, but im pretty sure i have your FUTURE.


ckulit said...

nag eemote ka na naman dyan hehehe.. Live life to the fullest and enjoy the time being.. mwah!

Weng Forsgren said...

nakatouch naman tong post na to.
love you Fe.

faye said...

mad rose,
pag namumundo and bored naisip ko wat i am to be when i reached my final age to say byebye in the world. nagibu ko na kaya so dapat or so purpose ko here in the earth thats why god sent me here?!. hehe,,dakul pa na question but can't answer. hihi

weng thanks for sa message
hehehe so sweet!!! thanks too for loving ur friend name fe.wmuaahhhh

Malou said...

i agree to rose LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST :-)