Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our Simple life

The weather today was good and the wind was not so cold. So we decided to go around before we go to neighbor place to watch the parade celebration for incoming Autumn. That is our life with my husband every weekend if we say we go to stadt or other nearby places we drove asap. Or if we think we like to eat doner we eat doner ( food from turkis resto) and so on, we do what we know we enjoyed , only those simple things that its not difficult to comply . Oder just stay at home exchanging using computer, so boring sometimes but we need to make ourselves busy and happy. Exchanging jokes and never ending story /dreams about anything was also a part of our life. Simple things makes us happy.

Walking in our place. Beautiful weather and ready to go anywhere.

As we continue walking we passed a small river captured our attentions by the fish floating in that river, awesome its look like you be in the wild.

Bridge...bridge...bridge over troubled water--lol
Bridge for me symbolized the way to reach the other end by joining together. Thats us, we are from otherside of the world but through that connection we are now joining our dreams, life and hope...and most of these was our LOVE, riped day by day and slowly mature by the time.
Im enjoying now to dance the music of my living.


Weng Forsgren said...

nice life.. to live with love,peace and happines gives us full of contentment.
nice pictures and thanks for sharing fe.


ckulit said...

huwaaaahhhh napapahibi ako sa karomaticahan mo hehehe... Loving it! Pindoters!

faye said...

thnx weng for droppingby always
mads rose salmaton man, hehe lovers in the air...