Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Computer Problem

Yesterday morning my husband told me im so sorry you cannot make your money online now or talk to your friends our computer is KAPUTT ( some problem encounter).
Oh my gosh i really tried to open the computer and look for my blog site. Unlucky its tooooooo slow and cannot be open some error occured. So my husband contact his friend and ask him to look our unit he did but still the Antivirus is not in order until now i suffer unconfortable to use my PC.
I hope we can do something about this PC at the weekend, i cant wait to look and find PPP hahaha.
After a bad news, i heard a good news from IZEA this morning when i open my email they sent me notice that my other post was already paid through my paypal soo Easy to have additional income from blogging. Hope i can do it again and again.
Thank you very much again PPP.


ckulit said...

yeyyyyy madami na pera natin hehehe.. Got an award for you madz, grab mo na lang when your PC is fixed. Ganyan din ako nun nung accidentally kong nadownload yung fake antivirus..

faye said...

hay mads kadipisil.gare nawara ako sa circulation. bata so frend ni mike mahali na here sa place mi malipat na going to east part of germany.ano tig gibu mo sa antivirus.baka may napindot man ako kaya naraot so antivirus kani na pc mi, KAIBI

Weng Forsgren said...

My own pc is always slow and always giving me headache. Sarap palitan, kaya lang wala pang budget.
So everytime my hubby leave his pc, I use to take over hehe.
Palibre naman dyan hehe dami mo na yata income.

Malou said...

Dearest nag try ka ba to restore your computer on it's past dates before the thing happened to your PC? It could have helped you out too. That's what we did our PC and it really worked but then you still need to have an antivirus to your computer after the restore was made.

ckulit said...

mads, ta ka na.. irahaya na an pc mo wahuhuhu..

ckulit said...

hi mads, salamatonon sa pinadara mong grasya, got it today.. i posted something about it. me and lou are missing u badly.. dami ko ktokwents sau kaya sana kumpunihin mo na pc mo

Anonymous said...

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