Thursday, September 18, 2008

On Shaking Hands

Phychologists say that the way a person walks is an outright indication of one's personality. So are handshakes. Our personalities can aslo be reflected in our handshakes- assured, timid, warm or cool. Accordingly, there are various types of handshakes.
Bad handshakes include the bone crusher, the grip that makes the other person, especially a woman wearing rings, wince.Theres also the limp, damp handshake that seems to say "I am not really happy to meet you at all". (we can apply for our enemy hehehehe)
A good handshake is elbow level, firm and brief. Likewise a man does not offer to shake hands with a woman unless she makes the move first. If the man is wearing gloves, it is no longer necessary for him to keep the lady waiting awkwardly while he removes his gloves. He can shake hands ever with his gloves on and need not apologize for it. And the best things for all was when we make a shakehand (man or lady) the shaker must look straight at the eye of the person he is greeting.


Filthy room said...

agree...another tidbit,'s more sincere if you use both hands...magandang araw!

eugene said...

yes i agree with filty room, using one hand to shake, the other to cup the two hands(one form you , the other from your friend), and give a few pats on both the hands.

sincerety can be sensed and told

faye said...

fithy and eugene
both of you are correct.
sincerity is up to the person.

filthy i did 2 two hands specially i like the person , friendly and di mayabang.

ckulit said...

hehehehe uragon talaga an si kabayan lol... ako gusto ko hug hahaha JOKE!

Malou said...

makikisali lang po ako sa shaking hands nyo..hehehe